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How To Get Into College

A guide to help California high school students navigate the college education process.


This site is designed to help guide first-generation college students through the process of graduating high school and applying for college.

Click through the links above to learn more about the application process and things to be aware of.


We understand that apply to college can be a daunting process. We have created this site to hopefully be a useful guide in how to navigate the process.

Timeline will show you a general outline for when you should be doing what.
The "Help!!!" Page contains Frequently Asked Questions and other Resources.
What College is Actually Like gives you a guide of things to consider with college.
Other Options to Consider will give you a guide of other options after high school beyond a four-year college or university.
Maps will allow you to map the location of prospective colleges.

"I dwell in Possibility" ~Emily Dickinson